VU J. Lelewel hall exposition lighting

Vilnius university (VU) in collaboration with JSC „Ledigma” demonstrated a modern technology and history synthesis – in VU architectural ensemble established library hall of J. Lelewel exposition accent lighting.

VU library hall is named in honour of Joachim Lelewel who was polish historian, cartographer, geographer, and his books and atlas collection was moved into the library of Vilnius University. L. Lelewel (1786 – 1861) is famous for his pedagogical activity, he worked as professor in Vilnius, Krakow and Brussels universities, created unique engravings and supported revolutionary ideas. There is a memorial exposition with original paints used by J. Lelewel for painting atlases


Exposition is illuminated using linear tetrachromatic lamp. In XIX century used paints require optimal lighting regarding photosensitivity. For this purpose 4000 K colour temperature preferential spectral power distribution was used to minimize photochemical damage and increase visual attractiveness. Maximum electrical power of the linear tetrachromatic lamp is 14 W. The illumination is dimmed when no visitors are present using a presence sensor to minimize the light exposure for the unique paints.

JSC “Ledigma” is proud and happy to contribute to the preservation of cultural values through smart lighting technologies and the accumulated scientific knowledge.