Labsphere Inc.

We are an official dealers of Labsphere Inc. in Baltic Countries and Poland as well as other post-Soviet countries.

Our company is proud to be an official dealer of internationally recognized photonics company Labsphere Inc. (USA, NH) for Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland). As well we work with the customers from the rest of post-soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, others)  since we have long lasting contacts, understand Russian language and culture.

The personnel of Ledigma being internationally recognized scientific experts in the measurements and investigation of photoluminescence, electroluminescence  in semiconductors (organic, inorganic), phosphors and biological materials are ready to share their knowledge with customers searching for the best experiment setup. Our knowledge and experience in Light Emitting-Diode characterization covers the entire device (semiconductor chip, package, optics) and integrated LED systems (power sources, heat management systems, intelligent control networks), therefore we are glad to work with you and find the most suitable solution.

The description, datasheets and other useful data of the Labsphere equipment can be found on manufacturer internet site (, but we would be glad to answer your questions directly and supplement you with additional data not available on-line. We are ready to help you to assemble customized experimental setup with Labsphere  equipment and additional components incorporated.

The main product groups of Labsphere Inc.: