About Us

LEDigma Ltd. is a start up company established by the scientists and the young researchers from Illumination and Electronics system Lab at Institute of Applied Research, Vilnius University. The commercialization of the scientific research activities prosecuted for more than 10 years as well as of the gained experience in the investigation, design and optimization of solid-state lighting and other optoelectronics systems is a main scope of this company.

LEDigma Ltd. was established with the financial support of National programme “Commercialization of R&D results” supervised by Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA). The proposal reviewers and evaluators believed in our idea and trusted us therefore we will do our best to gain your trust and confidence.

The main directions of company activity and qualification could be listed as following.

  • Production of intelligent solid-state lighting systems with controllable and tuneable colour rendition parameters of illuminated objects. Such systems are focused into the application areas requiring exceptional colour quality of illumination, for example art display, floristic and retail lighting.
  • Design and development of smart lighting control systems. We think that solid-state luminaire has to be treated not just a lamp which can be switched on or off. In our understanding the luminaires are parts of intelligent illumination systems which can be controlled (dimmed, the spectra and spatial distributions changed etc.), interconnected with other devices by Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, PLC and other protocols and finally integrated into the smart house/office, production line or traffic control systems.
  • Characterization of the LEDs. We have knowledge and understanding of solid-state lighting from the technology of semiconductor chips till the integration of sophisticated smart lighting systems. Therefore we do perform qualified investigation of optical and electrical parameters of the LEDs such as radiant and luminous flux, efficiency, series and shunt resistance, etc. More sophisticated measurements of p-n and/or phosphor layer temperature at steady state or dynamic regimes as well as investigation of high frequency modulation capability and phosphor decay times are performed.
  • Development and optimization of the illumination spectral parameters. Selection and optimization of the spectral power distributions of the solid-state lighting systems are performed to meet the specific requirements of preference illumination conditions for art displays, optimized vision capabilities and/or human reaction times under mesopic conditions, minimized/maximized circadic action etc.
  • The humans cannot see the electromagnetic radiation with the wavelengths below 380 nm, but we work with deep UV light-emitting diodes (> 230 nm) and develop fluorescence sensors of various materials operating in steady or dynamic regimes.
  • We do represent US company Labsphere Inc. (labspehere.com) in Baltic countries and the rest of post-Soviet area and this means that we not only sell the equipment of Labsphere, but also provide the qualified consultations to the customers about the applications, installation, software compatibility of the Labsphere instruments as well as compatibility with other brands of lab equipment. We are glad to help our customers to build the custom research setups according to their specific needs.
  • Consultancy services for solid-state and conventional illumination technologies.


Research and Development is the everyday activity for us, since the design of new products, upgrade of already existing ones, and dealing with custom tasks are continuous processes in our company. We are glad to have Institute of Applied Research and faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University as strategic partners in the research and development activities. Geography of activities – on current globalization time we have to work in all regions, but our roots are set in Lithuania.

Why Lithuania? – There are a good infrastructure and technology opportunities for lighting business. We have high qualification employees. Physical sciences of applied research in solid-state lighting technology in Vilnius University are well developed and acknowledged in the world, so we live and work here. Our team is of the highest qualification, always active, creative and youthful but at the same time having a strong background of experience and expertise. Company’s shareholders and the authors of the idea who work for more than 10 years in the area of solid-state light source research and development have published over 60 scientific papers in the internationally peer reviewed journals (ISI WOS), has 2 Lithuanian, 2 U.S. and one European patent and 4 PCT pending patents.

Name and surname Expertise Activities in the company
Justinas Baužys R&D projects administration, general management. Director, CEO
Dr. Pranciškus Vitta Development and research of optoelectronic devices and systems. Generation and customization of innovative technical solutions. R&D department director


Ledigma Ltd. aims to become a strong high-tech company with continuous growth and investments in new solid-state lighting products and R&D. We will seek to establish our self as a worldly recognized manufacturer of exceptional colour quality solid-state light sources and systems.  


Production of the innovative solid-state light sources with high-quality colour rendition to meet individual customers need.


Innovation. Work for new ideas never end but tested in practice.

Reputation. Not to sacrifice the company mission and strategy for a short-term profit.

Professionalism. Professionalism is maintained during the entire cycle of the activity, from the idea generation till the product installation at the customer facility.

Open-minded. Only constructive discussion without and a precedent attitude can lead to the best decision.

Honesty. To work that all customers come back again and bring their colleagues.