Linear tetrachromatic lamps

The tetrachromatic color rendition engine technology can be realized by linear illumination also. We offer an ability to experience colour rendition control benefits in linear lamp topology, where external dimensions of the lamps are defined as retrofits of T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes. These clusters are optimized to illuminate the scene in highest fidelity (most natural) or preference mode. Also specific custom parameters can be ordered as well as PC controlled luminaire option. Typically lamps of such type are about 30W electrical power per one meter length.

Basic tetrachromatic lamp parameters:

Characteristics Parameters
length 30 cm – 120 cm
Frame T5, T8
Electrical power 5 W – 30 W
Colour temperature 3000 K, 4500 K or 6500 K
Power supply voltage DC 24 V – 36 V
Lifetime 50000 val.
Luminous flux 350 lm – 2000 lm
LED manufacturer Cree and Philips Lumileds
Weight 0.5 kg
Light distribution 120 ° with diffusive plastic mantle
Spectral power distribution Natural or preferential
IP class IP65
Body colour Grey (aluminum)
Light intensity control No
Voltage polarity protection Yes
Built-in soft start Yes, 2 seconds
Warranty 5 years


Our lamps are made from quality and tested components to ensure high reliability which let us introduce a high quality and long lifetime product. Highly known LED manufacturers, high efficiency (up to 96%) LED constant current drivers with soft start creates a quality product for You.

Features Benefits
Colour temperature Adapted for different illumination levels needs. From Firelight (1800 K) to starlight (10 000 K)
Spectral power distribution selection Full flexibility of illumination. Realize your ideas by creating unique space filled with proper light.
Built-in soft start Reduces power supply load during a start-up and increases lamp lifetime
Voltage polarity protection Protects lamp from wrong voltage polarity in any case
Diffusive plastic mantle Increases LED clusters colour mixing and reduces glare.
Low supply voltage Protection from high AC voltage and financial benefit by using single AC/DC power supply for number of luminaires. Can be safely used in humid places like bathrooms and kitchens. Compatible with IP44 protection standard.

Lamp applications

  • Showcases, windows lighting
  • Fridges lighting
  • Trade stand lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Compact fluorescence lamp (CFL) replacement
  • Painting lighting
  • Mirror lighting