Intelligent street lighting

Intelligent street lighting is a system that allows adaptations of light, dependent on climatic conditions, time of day, traffic and etc. This central illumination system integrated with traffic control systems it the most advantageous option and can achieve the best results, but such a systems require complete renovation of illumination systems and this cause huge investment therefore governments and/or city municipalities usually prefer more simple light control solutions.

Today lots of manufacturers offer various types of outdoor LED luminaires, for street, road, path and bike roads as well as architectural lighting, but most of those products have no programmable dimming control with and/or external sensor input ports.

LEDigma team with the long experience in development of smart solid-state lighting control and management systems have introduced versatile LED based illumination control module SmartStreet-G series that allows to convert almost any LED based light source* into the intelligent lighting system.

Versatile SmartStreet-G series module installed into the LED luminaire allows you:

  1. Easily program the luminaire light intensity (5% accuracy) (through the USB port, and software provided) week timer with 5 events for all of the weekdays independently. SmartStreet-G allows you to write up to 20 independent special days (with exact month and day) for different lighting parameters during the festivals and other “special” days in the year.
  2. Easily connect any motion, daylight or other sensor for the smart illumination control.

3.SmartStreet-G series with internal GPS module can be installed in outdoor illumination networks where power supply is being switched off during the day time (central daytime control), and intelligent luminaire has to keep the clock and date settings. In order to avoid batteries and other back-up energy sources which are not reliable at low temperatures (e.g. <-30oC) for the internal clock of programmable MCU, we have employed GPS modules, which are used for date and time synchronisation.

Quick guide to SmartStreet-G module parameters

To help you determine if the SmartStreet-G is suitable for your needs important parameters are listed in the table below.

Parameter SmartStreet-G module
Electrical power
Powers supply voltage DC 12-36 V
Weight 0.1 kg
Number of outputs for intensity control 4
Dimming protocols supported PWM; 0-1 V; DALI (Optional).
Number of inputs 3
Input signals supported Open/Close loop, ground, 5 V, digital (Optional).
IP class IP65 compatible
Dimensions 60x40x15 mm
Op. temperature range -40 – +70 C
Warranty 5 years
Software for Windows XP, 7, 8 (32 and 64b) YES

The main features and benefits of the SmartStreet-G module are summarized below. For more information and/or any custom needs please contact us. Our devices are made from quality tested components to ensure high reliability which let us introduce a long lifetime product. The product is designed and assembled in Lithuania.

Features Benefits
Does not required continuous power Each time, when light source is turned on, internal time is refreshing through the GPS signal.
Small size Suitable for installation into the most of LED luminaires
No maintenance No maintenance needed. There are no any short-lived components like batteries or memory cards, which could be damage or depleted during the operation in outdoor conditions.
User friendly interface User friendly software allows fast update of the calendar if needed.


If you are not sure if the LED luminaire you are using or offering to you customers supports any dimming control please feel free to contact us. We are ready to collaborate with LED luminaire manufacturers and/or retailers as OEM supplier of SmartStreet-G control modules. We are ready to adopt the capabilities of SmartStreet-G according to your needs.