Invention of the March 2013

Lithuanian Technical Library nomination

 Invention of the March

(Nominated by the Lithuanian Technical Library)

Polychromatic Solid-State light sources for the control of colour saturation of illuminated surfaces

Coloured visible objects depends on the spectral power distribution of the light source and illuminated objects (surface) properties. In the case of two sources with different spectral power distributions, we will see different surface colours, though the colour of the light sources (and the correlated color temperature) can be the same.

The present invention is related to polychromatic light sources of white light, which are composed of at least two different coloured groups of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Disclosed are the spectral power distributions and relative partial radiant fluxes of the coloured emitters that allow controlling the colour saturating ability of the generated light, namely, the ability to render colours with increased saturation and the ability to render colours with decreased saturation. Also disclosed is a method for dynamical tailoring the colour saturating ability of the generated light.

The invention can be used for a museums,  shops, home lighting or anywhere, where it is necessary to saturate (or dull) exhibits colours.

Applicant: Vilnius university, LT

Inventors: Artūras ŽUKAUSKAS, LT, Rimantas VAICEKAUSKAS, LT, Pranciškus VITTA, LT, Arūnas TUZIKAS, LT, Michael Shur, U.S.

Patent No.: LT 5918

The patent publication date: 2013 03 25