Light source spectral power distribution (SPD) optimisation

JSC „Ledigma” offers unique service – SPD optimization according to Your specifications. You just define requirements and we produce the best solution. Solid-state lighting is based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which open up new possibilities to vary SPD. Variation of the SPD is a key to create a new, unique, effective, quality and attractive lighting solutions and products. It is now widely known SGS optimization of the conditions that we are well mastered:

Highest luminous efficacy of radiation (K)
Colour rendinion (Ra, CQS, GAI8, Statistical approach)
Correlated colour temperature (CCT)
Circadian action factor CAF (based on human circadian rhythm)
Photochemical damage to sensitive materials
Plant lighting
Dichromatic, trichromatic, tetrachromatic and multicolor LED clusters optimization
It is necessary to take into account more than two optimization conditions while creating modern and high-end lighting production. Optimized SPD can bring incredible results in visual or nonvisual lighting application field. If You did not find what You need, contact us and throw a challenge. Our job is to find a solution for You.